What’s your word for the New Year?

What’s your word for the New Year?

Have you thought of one word that will be your guide for 2011?

In my discussions with people so far, there seems to be some popular ones that have caught people’s imaginations.

Ship, Festive, Joy, Authenticity

“Ship” is a big one. These people say the word “ship” with a keen sense of determination in their eyes. They’re getting their products out of their imaginations and into the hands of their customers. Marketing guru Seth Godin says ‘You need to ship constantly. Ship lousy stuff but ship.”

“Authenticity” is another one that made its way onto people’s favourites – the quality or condition of being trustworthy, or genuine. How honest and true to yourself will you be this year? Can you afford not to be?

“Joy” is also many people’s watch-word – of making sure that you feel totally engaged in the work you are doing.

“Festive” is the word that came to me for this year – perhaps it was the champagne and the dancing around the bonfire!

When I looked up the etymology for festive, it has the same root as feast, a wonderful image for the New Year. The year is laid out for a feast with all the elements of a great meal – rich and substantial; risky and traditional.

I’m going to take part in the feast of all the opportunities this year is presenting – the new ways of reaching audiences, the innovations in technology and celebrate it.

What’s your word for the New Year?

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11 thoughts on “What’s your word for the New Year?

  1. Colleen Kelly

    My word is curiosity.

    In our organization we have talked about learning and being open to other ways of doing things. In the end, it really is about people being curious. If we are curious, we are not stuck in status quo, we ARE willing to learn and have others challenge our thinking!

    In 2011 I will be ever more curious!

  2. mickey_rogers

    Thanks for your post Colleen and your word. One of my New Year's resolutions is to learn more about the brain. And certainly curiosity and learning new skills creates new neurons that help the brain grow.

  3. Sarah Moffat

    The first word to pop into my head is Prosperity – though in a whole sense, not simply "in the bank". I am working on creating an abundance in my life so that I can fill myself up and fill those up around me, and ripple out into the world to help others create the change they desire. I believe my purpose here is to create change from the core, and I need to be able to change myself, which I have and keep doing, in order to help facilitate the change the world needs. Though all while maintaining a balance, vs offering my services out there as a volunteer constantly and thus depleting my energy. Ah, the "artist" mind vs, the "business" mind… so now I am at action oriented prosperity!

  4. mickey_rogers

    Thanks for your word of prosperity. I think about the Star Trek motto – live long and prosper and certainly taking care of yourself and feeling the abundance within is part of prosperity.

  5. Arlin McFarlane

    Gratitude is a word that puts me in a good place whenever I remember to think of it!

  6. mickey_rogers

    Thanks Arlin – we definitely need gratitude or appreciation for all of the small successes we have. The more gratitude the better – just have to put it on the top of our list of things to do.

  7. Joy

    Hope! When I see this word, the outlook on every situation changes to the 'glass is half full' perspective.

  8. Mickey Rogers
    Mickey Rogers Post author

    That’s truly a key word for our times. At MIP, the japanese buyers are looking for programmes that are totally about hope and inspiration.

  9. renay

    Woman and girl, those are key words in our time, we are entering a time of discovery for women, about women, by women. So for me, the word is woman.

  10. Mickey

    Thanks for your comment Renay. Certainly that's true in professional schools and in the developing world. And the leadership skills that are now becoming more predominant are collaboration and team building…skills women have excelled at. What's disconcerting is that young men are falling behind in schools.

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