Film financing: Iron Sky

If you’re looking for another model for raising financing, check out Iron Sky, a sci-fi feature film just wrapping production.

(Photo of the Day 031 © Tarja Jakunaho)

These Finnish filmmakers have created an incredible site and world that viewers can participate in both creatively and financially.

If you haven’t heard about Iron Sky, here’s the storyline: towards the end of World War II the Nazi scientists made a significant breakthrough in anti-gravity. From a secret base built in the Antarctic, the first Nazi spaceships were launched in late ‘45 to found the military base Schwarze Sonne (Black Sun) on the dark side of the moon. This base was to build a powerful invasion fleet and return to take over the earth once the time was right.

For one euro or 50, you can be part of the financing or what they’ve named the war bond effort.

At the Iron Sky store, you can purchase dog tags, T-shirts, deluxe editions, posters and pens. All the merchandising sales go to the financing of the film.

The film was started in 2006. The filmmakers took a tease trailer to the Cannes Film Festival in 2008 and Iron Sky became a co-production with Germany and then Australia. The shooting has just finished in Australia and post-production will take a year. Its release is slated for the end of this year. There’s also a video game in the works – Iron Sky: Operation Highjump.

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