Shopping lists for buyers on American cable

Everyone wants those water cooler shows that have people talking and engaging with. Recently the cablecasters spoke about their brand (which is everything) and what’s working for them and what they maybe looking for in the future.


Lifetime is looking to increase their programming slate. They want to go from 2-12 reality shows; from 2-4 scripted series and from 10-15 films. Lifetime is putting great stock in reality TV since numbers show that 85% of all TV viewers watch it.


At TLC, they are very clear on their brand and make sure that all of their shows speak to middle America. They moved American Chopper from TLC to Discovery and they know their viewers wouldn’t like the Kardashians. It’s ranked as one of the top 10 for women but they don’t see themselves as a women’s channel.

Like all cablecasters they want shows about characters – characters in extraordinary situations like Sister Wives or ordinary people doing extraordinary jobs like their policewomen series. That show is a winner for them because it brings in both men and women viewers. They want more of that since it really works for them.


One of the top five networks with Hoarders, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Gene Simmons. They want a broad audience of 18-49. They skew a little bit female. They launched Beyond Scared Straight, a teen redemption show and it did better than they thought it would. Again, the characters are key. They like justice and crime with redemption thrown in as well.

More to come…

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