Transforming trailers

The trailer is absolutely the best selling pitching tool you can have. It’s worth spending the time and money on the best representation of your show.

Don’t show or post your trailer until you are positively sure it is as great as your show.

It needs to get to the heart of the story in less than two minutes. Our attention spans are shorter than ever and our eyes begin to glaze over unless the action on the screen is riveting.

A trailer is an exercise in disciplined storytelling and you will need a couple of attempts before you get it right. Get others feedback on it.

Here’s a before and after case study of Battle Castle, a great documentary series currently in production. This is the first draft of their trailer.

Battle Castle (original) from Mickey Rogers on Vimeo.

With some feedback, the producers created another version, once they had secured their host. Watch the difference.

Battle Castle – Series Trailer from Parallax Film on Vimeo.

In this trailer of Battle Castle, the host introduces the premise clearly within the first 20 seconds. The title acts as an exclamation mark – moving the trailer from the introduction into the structure. The host takes us on a tour of the action that we will see in the program – the secrets, the masterminds behind the building of the castles and the bloody wars. Of course a strong finish with a clear resolution or call to action is a must.

Post your favourite trailers. Let me know which ones work for you.

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