Branded Entertainment

As dollars shrink for programming, the lines between entertainment and advertising really begin to blur.

The best of branded entertainment was featured at a MIP seminar and they truly met the test of immersion and engagement for the viewer.

Story is at the core of the success.

One example of a great experience was a campaign by Gatorade which gave athletes the opportunity to re-play the game of their lives with all the same players, even the cheerleaders.

For two months before the game, the Gatorade team got the 30 something athletes in shape to play the opponents of the original game of their youth. These training sessions were posted on-line.

The tickets to the live event sold out within 24 hours and the show was picked up by Fox Sportsnet. It aired in over 90 million households.

The series is now licensed on Fox Sportsnet and they are extending the brand of second chances into other sports like baseball and hockey.

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