Creating and Engaging

Went to see Tiffany Shlain who started the Webbys and premiered her new film Connected at Sundance. Rather than use the buzz word of transmedia, she says she uses engagement or conversation maker.

Her film The Tribe triggered conversation around cultural identity. The Tribe profiled the Jewish woman who created the Barbie doll, the ultimate shiska.

By starting conversations on Facebook, the doc became number one on i-tunes.

She’s used a similiar strategy with her new film Connected.

Her goal is to trigger global conversations about connectedness. As she filmed, she continually asked her community for answers to questions she had.

When it was time to create the poster, she crowd-sourced all of the media assets so her community submitted designs for Connected.

Again, she created booklets, conversation cards, has recyclable DVD’s and people can request a screening by texting 91011.

Her work begs the question – how are you involving your audience all along the way the process – from start to screen and beyond? Love to hear how you engage your community.

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