Just be fascinating

There seems to be a number of books on engaging people – first Guy Kawasaki’s Enchantment and now Sally Hogshead’s book entitled Fascinate.

Sally says there are seven triggers that are used to fascinate us and trigger a response or desired action from us, like buying something.

The seven triggers are:

1. Mystique – that ‘je ne sais quoi’  or Coke classic’s recipe.

2. Power – we’re fascinated and influenced by people of power and control. Power is the ability to motivate but also create fear.

3. Passion – the seduction of pleasure! I want that now! The dipping of strawberries into chocolate.

4. Alarm – “Only 20 copies left … order now.”

5. Trust – Toyota used to have trust. Trust is the hardest trigger to use properly.

6. Rebellion – Lady Gaga breaking all the rules.

7. Prestige – fine wines and the discernment of knowing them.

She also maintains we can use those triggers in our personal branding. Take the f-test. My primary trigger was rebellion just like my hero Richard Branson and the secondary one was passion.

How are you fascinating?

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One thought on “Just be fascinating

  1. floyd

    definitely mystique is my number 1 fascination. I think I have always been a deeper person when it comes to sharing areas of my lifestyle, per se. (haah even there I am being mysterious!). Secondary would be passion. I was told today I was a very passionate person and that I would find work in the creative field of my desire in the future. I thrive on creativity day in and out.

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