Creating like a pro

I work with a number of independent producers, writers and directors. For me it is inspiring to see the ones that push through that demon that plagues us all – resistance or its kissing cousin, procrastination.

If you haven’t read The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, download or run and get this book. Immediately. Pressfield breaks down all the ways resistance invades our good intentions to do our creative work – how its insidious and comes from inside us. It’s not those kids that keep us from our work – Tolstoy wrote War and Peace and had 13 children. It’s our resistance.

We fear our work will be rejected or criticized. That gut wrenching fear is THE indicator that we are on the right path. The more fear we feel, the more we need to push through – no matter what. Pressfield hammers at the ways we can be professionals – play at your craft full-time, make a total commitment to it and love it so much you dedicate your life to it.

How do you overcome your resistance?

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