Dreamworks – creating franchises digitally

In Advertising Age this week, Anne Globe, the head of marketing for DreamWorks Animation talks about how the company used the power of partnering with Zynga‘s Farmville to promote its property MegaMind.

Dreamworks partnered a second time with Zynga’s Cityville for Kung Fu Panda 2. With that promotion, Dreamworks connected with 40 million players.

Globe says their audience gets their information first from TV, then from YouTube and thirdly from social sites like Facebook, or Zynga properties.

For instance, Shrek has over 17 million fans on Facebook and Dreamworks is looking to engage those fans through the DVD’s and other materials they are launching. Shrek‘s spinoff Puss in Boots introduced a YouTube Channel that logged 1.4 million views in the first 48 hours.

The studio is looking increasingly to the social media environment because that’s where their fans are. DreamWorks creates materials that will sustain and engage them, way beyond the launch of the film.

Currently, they are dabbling with apps as another rich vehicle to interact with the fan base and not just for promotion.

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