St. John’s International Women’s Festival

I’m at the wonderful St. John’s International Women’s Festival facilitating a pitching workshop, along with Roberta Munroe on short films and Linda Seger who wrote How to Make a Good Script Great and the Art of Adaptation.

I feel very fortunate to be here and here are some of my initial impressions.

The importance of a supportive artistic and creative community. Here in St. John’s, the community really turned out to see the premiere of Beatdown, the debut feature of Deanne Foley, a wonderful underdog story of a young girl who’s heart’s desire is to be a wrestler. It was funny and really created a unique world in the film of small town Newfoundland.

It really does take a village to create. The amount of collaboration necessary to execute any creative film or TV project is always astounding to me. The list of people to thank is endless.

The importance of beginnings, middles, and ends in storytelling for me and how crucial structure is.  I’m a firm believer in structure sets you free. For instance, a three act structure for any form of content gives a road map. It is so important for me as the viewer to have those cues so that I know what to expect in watching. For me, it helps me connect on an emotional level.

I guess that ‘s the difference between art and storytelling.

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