Some thoughts on Selling Yourself

If the idea of selling yourself or your product gives you hives, I’m thinking you may want to think again.

So many of my clients feel nervous about putting themselves forward. They associate selling yourself with bragging, having a too large an ego or just being plain uninterested in anyone else.

First of all, we are all participating in self promotion whether we are conscious of it or not.  The way we dress, talk and engage with people is selling ourselves in situations. We want to be liked and accepted.

Secondly, if you tap into the reason you are doing what you are doing, your natural energy comes forward.

As soon as one of my clients begins to describe what they do or want to do, they are immediately infused with excitement. They are totally passionate about what they love. People they are talking to are always very interested to hear that kind of energy.

That’s self promotion – coming from the undeniable place of your enthusiasm. Just you talking about what you love to do and sharing it with people who may need you, your product or your services .

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