What makes you happy?

Just finished reading Gretchen Rubin’s book on The Happiness Project. She looked at how to increase her happiness for a year. Rubin wasn’t unhappy – she just wanted to be happier and drew upon philosophers, new age thinkers and literature for inspiration.

So my mission is to do things that make me happy for this next month. Here are my top 5 today. What excites you?

1. De-cluttering. That has to be one of the most pleasurable tasks, once you get down to it. That’s the challenge isn’t it? Making the time and the space to recycle old things, papers, and clothes that have outlasted their usefulness. There’s space on my desk and room on my bookshelves for new thoughts, ideas, and inspiration.

2. Creating and remembering happy memories. I don’t know about you but sometimes I can re-play unhappy events in my mind- from years ago. With my sister, I’m collecting all the memories of happy times in our family’s history, all the strengths and attributes that we received from growing up. What a difference that makes!

3. Facilitating workshops and doing presentations. I had such a good time doing the pitching workshop in St. John’s. I’m just going to do more of that this month for students at Centennial College and UBC and the Directors’ Guild and ACTRA on respectful workplaces.

4. Dancing. For the past month, I’ve turned up the music full blast and had a dance party in my living room almost every night. Since I’ve started to do that, I’ve found more opportunities to unleashed my wild style. More to come.

5. Meeting stimulating people with fresh ideas. I love conversations, lectures, films or pitches where I learn new things, take a fresh perspective or am totally inspired. I loved hearing about the social entrepreneur, Zita Cobb and the dreams she has for Fogo Island.

What makes you happy?

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