A Boss presentation

You might have already heard Bruce Springsteen’s inspiring talk at SXSW. His keynote speech was a terrific reminder of what it takes to have the audience have a little cry, or laugh alongside the memories or jump to their feet at the end of the talk.

Authentic – There was no doubt that he was totally himself in front of the crowd, and talking about his passion for pop that “he loved his whole life” .  Springsteen was willing to expose his teenage years and fears. When he was talking about one of his heroes Roy Orbison, he said Orbison stuck ” his knife into the belly of your teenage insecurity with songs like Crying, It’s Over and Running Scared.

Great images of being tortured by soft skin, angora sweaters, beauty and death.

His key message about creativity and its purity really sealed it for me- how it is all about expression. And even though you may be the greatest to some people or that you suck.  There’s no right way – there’s just doing it.

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