From employee to entrepreneur: a success story

One of my clients came to me last year really upset. She had been working in an organization for about six years. She loved the people she worked with but a change in management created a huge disconnect for her.

When we worked together, there was a great deal of anger she had to get through. Each day she continued to work at her job, it was harder and harder. So with great courage, she put in her notice without having another position – a very scary prospect for someone who enjoyed the security of a job.

In our coaching sessions, she began to get some distance from her old position and see that she had really outgrown it. It was very clear she still treasured the kind of work that she did. She totally loved supporting filmmakers in their careers. She passionately wanted to promote Canadian films internationally. Her goal was to be a cultural ambassador for Canada. She made plans to achieve that ambition.

She decided to start her own business, rather than look for another position. After choosing a name – a challenging task to sum up your business in a name – she began creating materials.

She started curating packages of short films that were shown at the Canadian embassies. She received rave reviews and attended some of the screenings. She began to shed her old perspective of herself and saw herself a new way. Her vision of being a cultural ambassador is becoming a reality.

Here’s her experience of making that transition.

On the wings of an angel I will fly! Thanks to Mickey’s wings I feel like my career is soaring to new heights. With Mickey’s guidance and support I have developed a greater sense and appreciation of what I want to do and how I can do it.

Just over a year ago, I made a few bold professional decisions and established a new business and direction for my career.  The transition wasn’t easy but with Mickey’s steady hand to guide, console and encourage, I’m now passionately engaged in my work and  believe I’m living my bliss.

Mickey is wise in her counsel, respectful in her approach, knowledgeable in a multitude of areas and grounded in her work. She is – my opinion – the ultimate professional and charmingly personable. While the bulk of my coaching is done, I continue to keep Mickey within my circle of trusted advisors and friends – just as one would do with an angel.

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One thought on “From employee to entrepreneur: a success story

  1. Renardo

    This is very empowering. As a current employee, I am taking life's lessons from observing the management based on manage people performance, so I can one day apply those when I leave the corporate world.

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