Eat the frog first

If you’re like I am, the summer is a hard time to be productive. I live at the Beach so I look out my window and see the ocean filled with people sailing or paddling on their boards. The beach is filled with kids screaming and playing with families spreading their blankets for barbecues and fun. People are propped up against logs reading their iPads or kobos with some delicious bestseller.  With the sun shining and the hot weather, I’d love to be joining these people in their relaxation mode.

As an entrepreneur, other people’s holidays are challenging. People with jobs enjoy their two, three and even four weeks away so getting in touch can be a test of patience.

Here are a couple of tips I’ve found to be helpful in keeping focused when the sun shines.

Eat the frog first

Take on the most difficult task on your list as your initial item of business. With that over, you have a real sense of accomplishment. So sit down at your desk and make that first call, or have that difficult conversation you’ve been putting off. Whatever it is that is the tough one, get it out of the way. No matter what else you do during the day, you’ve completed a major task. It actually gets you energized to cross off even more items on your list.

Time yourself

Researchers say the brain switches approximately every 90 minutes from the left to the right. Give yourself that uninterrupted time to complete one task or to write or even just plan your strategy. Then give yourself a 5 minute break to refresh yourself. It’s a bit of a time trial to see how productive you can be in that 90 minutes – no interruptions, just focus on the task at hand.

Reward yourself

It is indeed the summer and you need to play. With the sun rising and light streaming through the bedroom window, I tend to be at my desk earlier than in the winter. If I have results and have crossed off the items on my list of things to do, I reward myself with a bike ride, or a walk on the beach or an ice cream cone in the afternoon. That way I don’t feel like the summer is passing me by and I can enjoy the sunshine knowing I’ve put in a productive day.

How do you motivate yourself in the summer?

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2 thoughts on “Eat the frog first

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    I have found this post to be informative. It has helped me focus on my business productivity. Now I am very much confident in transforming my ideas as it will help to make my business profitable. This is such a motivating article for all business professionals.

  2. Mickey Rogers
    Mickey Rogers Post author

    Great! Glad that it helps to focus you. Good luck in being super productive.

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