The 7 Facets of Change

The other day, I was in a session with a coaching client and I was reminded that it isn’t enough to want to change, other aspects or facets need to be in motion as well. As luck would have it or synchronicity, my yoga teacher talked about the 7 facets of change today as we were doing our downward dogs. Certainly the willingness to be open to change is clearly useful. Without it, there’s no point in setting new goals or on a new path. So that is the number one facet.

The second facet of change is faith – the idea that whatever move you make in your process, you will be all right. Easy to say perhaps, more difficult to keep as constant state. The mantra of “this is just right” can play in your mind, rather than all that worry chatter.

Daring, the third facet, provides the impetus. If faith is a soothing breath, daring takes a deep breath and makes the first move. As the expression goes, the journey of a thousand steps starts with the first one.

To counterbalance the daring, you need a little gentleness, the fourth facet. As we know, sometimes, it is one step forward and two back in order to make progress in whatever you want to achieve.

Change is a bit of a zig and a zag, since fearlessness is the fifth facet. This is the risky part where you send your work off to a decision maker, hop on a plane to go somewhere new or ask someone out on a date.

The sixth facet is commitment. Did your fearless action have the result you wanted? Are you now embolden to take new risks? Are you willing to lick your wounds and go out there again and take another chance?

And the seventh facet as always is a sense of humour. Laughing at ourselves, at the situation, at the realization again and again that we are human.

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