The London Diaries – William Morris

Went to the William Morris Gallery yesterday and was totally impressed with the man and his work. William Morris was born into privilege who became a socialist later in life. He disdained the life of the industrial age, and with his colleagues brought forth new art forms with goal of making everything useful and beautiful. As an artist, he infused his creative work with great craftsmanship. For instance in learning how to make tapestry,  he took it all apart so he’d understand the underpinnings of the art.

Morris was horrified by the conditions of the factories and the repetitive tasks workers were hired to do. He attempted to change that in his dye making factory by locating it by a stream in nature and paying his workers for the value of their work.  However, despite his humane efforts, his workers still were doing repetitive work.

For me it posed the question – as a creative leader, how do you ensure the people you are leading share the same enthusiasm for your vision as you do?

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