Two-evening workshop in London: essential skills for successful pitching

In today’s world where ‘content is king,’ everyone agrees that pitching is one of the hardest, and yet most necessary skills to master. Pitching is a skill you have to conquer to successfully launch your ideas, your business and your passion.

This two evening workshop (on September 19 and 23 from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.) – one evening to learn, the other to practice – is built from my own painful and positive experiences and from listening to countless pitches all over the world.

If you’ve pitched and felt the pain, feel better right now — you are not alone!

I’ve spent over 20 years in the media and entertainment business pitching and listening to other people pitch. In my experience, a great pitch means the difference between building a strong relationship with a decision-maker or spending hours figuring out what went wrong and wanting the ground to swallow you up.

In this workshop, I’ll lay out the key elements of a successful pitch.

I’ll open the vault of my wealth of experience and share the secrets of the brightest and most successful entrepreneurs. I’ll share their strategies for pitching success as well as the common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

In the first evening you’ll learn how to:

  • research your audience, person or business you’re pitching
  • create a log line that tells your compelling story in a single sentence
  • understand the crucial storytelling components that will make your offering so irresistible it will open hearts and contracts/wallets
  • create the structure of a successful pitch 

On the second evening, you’ll practice your pitch and receive expert feedback on its strengths and weaknesses.


£75 which includes a copy of my book From Start to Screen: The Essential Guide to Pitching Creative Ideas.


Register right now with PayPal. Please note space is limited so you’re encouraged to register early.

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The Theatres Trust
, 22 Charing Cross Road
, London, UK.

About me

I’m an international executive coach who has pitched projects to global entertainment giants and can help you cut through the word clutter and stammer by creating an authentic focus statement. Your project can be distilled into a clear message describing the arc of your story. With this clarity, you’ll attract the perfect outlet for your project.

I’m an entrepreneur, broadcaster, and producer with over 20 award-winning years in the media business and know what it takes to launch a profitable company into the international marketplace.

With my strategic knowledge and complete honesty, I’ll work with you to present your ideas clearly and persuasively.

I love working with creative entrepreneurs to:

  • shape ideas
  • focus and grow business
  • introduce new products to the marketplace
  • access decision-makers
  • keep you accountable
  • help you breathe

I love collaborating and challenging creative entrepreneurs – whatever that looks like. 

You pushed our game to a whole new level and we really appreciate it.” Parallax Film Productions

So I’ve accomplished lots – won all kinds of awards as a freelance journalist; bootstrapped a TV and film production company to $14 million and introduced products into the global marketplace and those products won international Emmys. I’ve helped Martha Stewart and other independent producers form and execute global domination plans.

I graduated from Royal Roads University as an executive coach and am also a certified Myers Briggs trainer for leadership and team building.

So if you’re ready to make your dreams real, you’re exactly the kind of creative entrepreneur I want to work with.

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