Happy new year!

I went to see All is Lost – the Robert Redford film – the other night. The movie is the original thriller of one man’s fight for survival.

It begins with a man on a yacht whose sleep is interrupted when a huge metal container from a massive cargo ship rips a large hole in his boat.

Water pours in, effectively ruining his radio transmitter and computer navigation systems. His attempts to repair his craft and equipment are futile, and he’s so submerged in crisis that the moments when he is physically underwater seem no more dismaying than when he’s above it.

Throughout the film he’s tough, resourceful and calm. I kept thinking he needed another person with him. Robinson Cruso had his Man Friday, someone to talk to or support him as he was put through his ordeal.

Here are some other thoughts from the film.

Keep calm when things begin to go awry

At each juncture when you felt it couldn’t get worse for him, it did. The man, as he is called in the film, seemed to take a breath and deal with the situation and try to fix it.

Use all the resources available

Obviously, the man was a seasoned sailor. His boat was equipped with everything he needed to save himself. He had a sextant when his computerized navigation unit was waterlogged; a large life raft when his boat was sinking; and, of course, a large bottle of good scotch when he needed a break from the stress.

You need support

Support is the one thing the man didn’t have. There was no explanation about why he was travelling solo. At each turning point, I thought he needed a friend.

At this time of new beginnings, I find the moments when I gain the most are when I have support ­ – either a friend and I go to the gym together or I have a partner to shoulder the challenges of production. It just feels easier and I seem to have positive, long lasting results.

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