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With MIPTV and the Cannes Film Festival fast approaching, you’ll want to make the most of the time and money you’re spending there.

I’m offering four sessions that will save you time and money – a copy of my book and a bonus follow-up after the market. These meetings are guaranteed to help you get the most out of your time: skills and information you can use for every market.

  • Identify buyers and financing for your content
  • Manage and deepen your buyer relationships
  • Create and deliver a compelling pitch
  • Achieve results with your meetings

You’ll work with me on exercises to accelerate your results at the market. Your loglines will be clear. You’ll pinpoint your target buyers. You’ll be ready to do your best pitch ever – anywhere.

The clock is ticking. Now is the time.

Contact me: mickey@mrogersmedia.com. Start your tailor-made sessions today.

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What others say about the programme

Mickey pushed our game to a whole new level and we really appreciate it.
Maijo Leivo, Parallax Film Productions

It was fantastic. What a learning experience! I made some wonderful new business contacts and saw the whole business from a new perspective. It was so refreshing to poke my head up from the trenches and see the big picture.”
Tom McGillis, Fresh Animation

I was very confident after the sessions and felt ready for the market in France. I felt that this program was critical and I gained from it professionally.”
Laura Lightbown, producer

Sign up now and get a free copy of my book – From Start to Screen: An Essential Guide to Pitching Creative Content.

What experts say about my book

I had to do a seminar on pitching last weekend and re-read From Start to Screen as part of my prep. Not only the best single work on pitching but the best single read on preparing and presenting an idea.”
David Barlow, showrunner on award-winning dramas The Border, Cracked

What the programme covers

Session 1 – Clarity

  • Why KISS is the best
  • Identify strategically the right people to meet
  • Use all the tools of social media to target your buyers
  • Catch the top buyers with your marketing materials

Session 2 – Messaging

  • Brand yourself and your company authentically
  • Articulate your assets without sounding pushy
  • Identify exactly what you’re looking to get out of meeting
  • Send messages that stand out from the clutter and get meetings
  • What buyers need before they take a meeting

Session 3 – Pitching

  • The pitch you absolutely have to have down cold
  • The do’s and don’ts of compelling storytelling at the market
  • How to rock every pitch

Session 4 – Market Survival

  • Pace yourself with a schedule that works
  • Structure meetings for closing
  • Follow up profitably

PLUS: bonus follow-up session after the market

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  1. Barbara Peters

    Quite comprehensive course. Maybe, it’s what we need for our business. But I’m not sure if these courses suit for every strategy.

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