As Jack Nicholson said …. I’m BAAAAACKKK!

And I have a new website to share with you.

It wasn’t the arrival of spring which motivated me to overhaul my website. I loved the previous site but, like all things you wear too much, it begins to get tired.

After taking a bit of a sabbatical from my blog, the London diaries and keeping in touch, it felt like time for a change. Perhaps it was working on a couple of series and seeing them successfully launched (one on air, one close. Fingers crossed.)

I got all revved up again about how important story is to me. How much I love hearing or watching stories.

I did a number of workshops on pitching and got re-ignited about making sure every story told was clear, engrossing and brimming with enthusiasm and passion.

I want everyone who tells stories to tell them from that very point of discovery – when they first decided this was the story they were going to put their blood, sweat and tears into.

So what’s new?

I want to help you clear out the fear of selling your story and work to dissolve your worries of losing the plot in the midst of your pitch.

You can benefit from the insights and secrets I’ve learned over years of sleepless nights and successes.

I’ve distilled some of that knowledge into an ebook and online course called How to Win Your Next Creative Pitch.

And at the bottom of this email you’ll find a short video introducing my online course.

Here’s what I learned while putting together these resources.

It always takes longer than you think

I love deadlines. But I found that life sometimes gets in the way – people get sick, have family emergencies or technology doesn’t co-operate. Plan for disaster and you’ll never be disappointed.

Breaking it down into bite-sized pieces

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you take on a project where the technology is new. I set myself smaller goals each week which really helped.

Rewards are crucial for success

I love working towards a treat. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fattening. I just needed something to keep me motivated as I worked towards those smaller goals.

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