Reflections on MIPTV 2017

I love going to markets like MIPTV. It’s a real opportunity to refresh and get inspired by the programming being viewed around the world.

Although the crowds of earlier years seemed to be missing, there was still a great deal of excitement about the trends at MIPTV this year.

If there was any doubt that Amazon and Netflix are game changers, MIPTV proved yet again that the content business is global.

Roy Price, VP of Amazon Studios, spoke about how their programming needs to be international to be relevant to their viewers. However, he emphasized the company wants a local presence in the production community by opening offices in London, Japan and India.

David Shing, AOL’s digital prophet, maintains innovation is out and ‘experience’ is the word for 2017. In a fast-paced presentation he highlighted how wearable tech, VR and AR were in their infancy and can only have greater impact on the user.

Indeed, VR producers and distributors at MIPTV’s Creative Leadership Summit were projecting growth over the next two years suggesting it will be the next big mass media.

For me, one of the best things about the MIPTV market is getting up close and personal with buyers. The markets are also a great way to revise and refine products.

I facilitated a pitching workshop at the start of the market and it’s always helpful to re-assess my projects after meeting with buyers, attending the conferences and having conversations over drinks.

Here are some of my takeaways from MIPTV.

Refining your project

It is one thing to do a great pitch. It’s definitely another to listen to what buyers are saying or suggesting to you. Buyers are extremely helpful in focusing your idea, and giving you market intelligence about what’s on their development slate and what’s currently working for them. It’s really helpful in understanding whether your project has the legs to be a global hit.

Visuals are fast becoming an absolute must

As technology becomes more accessible, the business of selling content has become more sophisticated. And it has to work. I had a number or experiences with people pitching where the technology wasn’t working as well as it should have – very frustrating.

Following up on meetings and conversations

I always have a great number of meetings or conversations at MIPTV. Sometimes they’re formal and other times they’re over drinks or at a party. I am now busy following up with those people. I aim for a week turnaround – this can help establish your credibility as someone who can execute and deliver.

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