A month of HELL YES!


I don’t know about you but sometimes I have difficulty making decisions.

I worry. I weigh the pros and cons, meditate on the possibilities and still find myself in a bit of a muddle. I can dither about small things – like what to have for lunch to larger questions about living in the UK or Canada.

So I’ve decided for the next month that May 16 to June 16 is going to be a HELL YES month.

No more dithering.

I am committed to saying yes to things.

I do have some criteria. If the idea is one that’s going to take up a massive amount of time, energy and brainpower then it goes into the ‘definitely no’ pile for now.

For instance, I thought I’d bike around more often but I need to rent a Boris bike – another obstacle! Instead I’ve decided to simply sign up for the gym at the end of my road. Easy. A definite HELL YES!

So here are some ideas of when to say HELL YES!

Ask yourself the question

Are you really in a dither, afraid or just plain lazy? Going back to the gym example, I know I have more energy when I challenge myself physically. I’m a bit like a dog – I need to exercise every day. The gym makes it easy. A one-stop-shop with all the equipment to keep me fit.

You can feel it in your body

When the idea of what to work on feels expansive rather than limiting. Sure you have to break it down but I find that if I get shivers thinking about what I can accomplish and the good I can do, that’s a definite HELL YES!

A decision between dithering or taking action

A really simple example: I love going to lectures but sometimes I dither about going or staying in especially if the weather is bad. So for this HELL YES month, I’m off to every talk that captures my fancy, regardless of the weather.

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