How to Win Your Next Creative Pitch cover / Link to ThinkificIf you’re planning to sell an idea to anyone my ebook and online course, How to Win Your Next Creative Pitch, shows you the roadmap to success.

I take the ideas and techniques from over 20 years of pitching stories in the media and help you to sell someone on your business, game or TV series.

With real life examples, How to Win Your Next Creative Pitch outlines the best practices for successful crowdfunding and pitching games.

The ebook gives you seven easy steps to structure your approach to that important decision maker. You can sell yourself and your project using the tips I’ve included.

How to Win Your Next Creative Pitch gives you worksheets – to support you in honing your company or project to just one sentence; to assist you with a structure to tell a great story; and tips on how you walk into the room calm and confident.

I open the vault on the stories of some of the brightest storytellers in the entertainment business. Watch the videos of them talking about their pitching successes and failures.

How to Win Your Next Creative Pitch is your admission ticket to get the investment and green light you need to be profitable.

My book is available in ePub and PDF formats.

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    "From Start to Screen" is one of my favorite e-book. I was read it through my android device as well. Truly very much impressed by reading out that book. Thanks dude.

  2. Francine

    Nice done another wonderful book review assignment! I truly enjoyed this one as well. From Start to Screen: The Essential Guide to Pitching Creative Ideas indeed an amazing book and it's title suits it's inside views as well. Thanks.

  3. vish

    This book guides through creative idea for TV, film or digital media. The author almost spent 20 years on this work. The author in this aspect makes a great effort. It also provides information on welcoming various aspects. It help others know how to buy these books.

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