Mickey Rogers online courses

How to Win Your Next Creative Pitch – guaranteed 7 steps to success

"Talking through pitching techniques step by step made it all "doable."
"Really took the angst out of pitching. Gave the power back."
"Insightful and helpful. Fantastic."

If you’re worried about being dull, boring or freezing in your pitch, stop those thoughts right now.

My online course gives you the tools to do justice to your idea, answer questions about your concept and articulate the magic of your story.

This investment in yourself and your pitching skills is worth a month of lattes.

Through a series of easy-to-follow videos we’ll deal with confidence issues, refining your idea and the art of storytelling and much more.

For $39.99 I’ll give you the full online video course and ebook in one bundle.

What you’ll learn

1. Introduction

Put your fears of babbling, freezing and being boring to rest
What a pitch really is
How you can learn to be more confident

2. Knowledge is power

Refining your concept or idea
Who’s your audience and why do they care?
What problem are you solving for them?

3. Biggest asset – YOU

How you can be more confident
Exercises for visualizing success
Worksheet to say who you are

4. Art of storytelling

What this show is about?
Worksheet to help you clarify story
The beginning, middle and end

5. Close and followup

How to close the meeting
When is a ‘no’ a ‘good no’

Join the Mastermind Group

If you are worried your pitch:

  • doesn’t impress the audience
  • doesn’t stand up to scrutiny
  • doesn’t you get the money

Join me and a small group aiming for success. I facilitate the group and you’ll gain other support from like-minded individuals. We’ll work through some of the challenges you face in articulating your creative content so you can win your next pitch.

The next group starts in May and includes 4 sessions.